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Bavarian-style Weizenbier Mit Hefe Q: What’s cloudy, spicy, fruity but dry, with a spritzy effervescence? A: CBC’s HefeWeizen! For the uninitiated in this intriguing summertime seasonal offering, here’s the lowdown: HefeWeizen (pronounced heffeh-vîte-zen) is a traditional wheat beer from Southern Germany. Its history may extend as far back as the 8th century AD, as the Weihenstephen Brewery claims brewing took place on its site in the small town of Freising, just Northeast of Munich. It was originally a Benedictine settlement in 725, and there has certainly been brewing there since 1040. Weizenbier has a truly royal heritage, as for several hundred years there existed an ordinance reserving wheat beer for the sole consumption of the royal family. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] HefeWeizen is above all an excellent summer drink, as its refreshing, crisp palate and high carbonation are exceptional on a hot, sunny day. It is brewed with 45% malted barley, 50% malted wheat, and 5% rye, and has a very low hopping rate. A unique, top-fermenting German ale yeast lends a fruity acidity and clove-like spiciness to the aroma and flavor, and the yeast itself, which is not filtered out before serving, contributes to its traditionally cloudy appearance. Every batch of CBC HefeWeizen is brewed with Massachusetts-grown organic wheat and rye, which have been malted for us by our friends in Hadley, MA at Valley Malt. By the way, Weisse (white) and Weizen (wheat) are two interchangeable terms in regards to naming this style, and the words mit hefe (with yeast) indicate that this is an unfiltered beer. So enjoy your summer with a cold CBC HefeWeizen, and show your support for sustainable, organic farms and small businesses in Massachusetts! On Tap CBC Pricing Pint $5.75 Pitcher $18 Tower $32[/wpex]

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