Sustainability + Community

At the CBC we think of sustainability simply as the capacity to endure. All of our practices take this into consideration. Does the farmer nurture his land? Does the fisherman not bottom drag the sea? Does the lighting use the least amount of energy and does that energy come from wind? These are just a few of the questions we constantly ask ourselves so we can run our business as responsibly as possible, and our community can endure.A good business can only be as strong as the community that supports it and should in turn give back in ways that empower that community. At the CBC we strive to be a prevalent member of our own community. By partnering with local suppliers we shorten the supply chain and help in creating a strong local economy. We work with other businesses to build a fair and vibrant community. We take great pride in supporting local nonprofits and charities, knowing that we are able to give back to those who are closest to us. In all that we do we support real people, our neighbors and friends.

Following is a list of businesses, farmers and organizations we work with that match our commitment to both sustainability and community.

  • The Boston Honey Company, Holliston MA

    The Boston Honey Company – Reseska Apiaries Inc, Holliston MA. We use their honey in all applications (limited to availability).

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  • Drumlin Farm

    Seasonal fruits & Vegetables from Lincoln, MA. Delivered twice a week and on the menu all spring, summer and fall.

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  • Sparrow Arc Farm, Unity ME & Wayland MA

    Dried heirloom beans and “exotic native foods.”

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  • Verril Farms, Concord MA

    Delivered to us 2-3 times a week all year. All variety of produce.

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  • Shy Brothers Farm, Westport MA

    Featured year round. Pasteurized Cloumage soft cheese.

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  • Andy Carbone with Carne Locale

    Local Massachusetts raised beef.  Delivered twice weekly. Hamburger and variety of  other purely grass raised beef and veal.

  • River Rock Farm

    Grass fed Massachusetts beef. Various cuts delivered once a week by our good friend Charlie Sayer.

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  • Snappy Lobster

    Our one and only source for 100% wild caught Massachusetts lobster. Captain Larry Trowbridge delivers to us twice a week.

  • Valley Malt, Hadley MA

    Organic barley, wheat and rye malts.

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  • 4 Star Farms, Northfield MA

    Locally grown hops.

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  • Massachusetts Cheese Guild

    A Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation with the  mission to encourage and support the production of artisan and farmstead cheese in Massachusetts and to educate the public about Massachusetts cheeses.  CBC Chef David Drew is a member.

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  • QRST’s, Somerville MA

    Apparel printer and embroidery

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  • Cambridge Local First (CLF)

    “A network of locally owned and independent businesses formed in October 2005 to build a strong Cambridge economy and a vibrant community.”

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  • Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

    “A nonprofit organization with the mission to build a Massachusetts economy that is local, green and fair” […] which “remains the leading organization of sustainable business in the state.”

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  • Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Cambridge MA

    “The preeminent voice of business in Cambridge”

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  • Kendall Square Association, Cambridge MA

    Acts to “improve, promote and protect Kendall Square through the collaboration of the organizations based there.”

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  • Food For Free, Cambridge MA

    Delivers fresh food to meal programs, pantries, and shelters in the Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Medford, Peabody, and Somerville communities.

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  • Boston Cyclists Union, Boston MA

    “We’re helping Bostonians lead healthier lives by promoting the everyday use of the bicycle for transportation. Among other things, we repair bikes, educate new riders, and organize neighborhood residents who would like to voice support for friendlier street designs, bike paths, and public spaces.”

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  • Bikes Not Bombs, Jamaica Plain MA

    Bikes Not Bombs reclaims thousands of bicycles each year with an aim to create local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation.

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  • ALS-TDI, Cambridge, MA

    “The #1 nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS.”

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