India Pale Lager We had the idea of taking the recipe for our beloved House Lager (aka zwickel), ramping up the grain bill and bombarding it with a whole bunch of juicy hops. This beer is that result. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Introducing, zwIPL, a fresh and unfiltered India Pale Lager featuring El Dorado hops. Pale malt, Carapils and flaked oats provide a clean base for this beer with just the right amount of body. A well rounded and fruit-forward bitterness from kettle additions of El Dorado, Columbus, Equinox and Citra separate this beer from its little brother, the House Lager. Not to mention a further dry hopping of El Dorado and a touch of Amarillo. The El Dorado truly shines in this beer. Bursting with fresh lemon peel, candied lemon and sweet citrus juice, this is a lager unlike any other. We thoroughly enjoy this one and we think you will too. Cheers! Teardrop 6.50 Pitcher 24 Tower 40[/wpex]

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