Three Rings

Belgian Pale Ale Anyone who’s patronized the Cambridge Brewing Company for any length of time is probably aware of our brewers’ passion for the great beers of Belgium. CBC is credited with being the first production brewery in America to have created an authentic Belgian beer style, Abbey-style Tripel, with our award-winning Tripel Threat, and our Belgian-inspired beers have garnered international recognition. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] The grist for Three Rings consists of Belgian Vienna and Aromatic malts, and it is hopped with German Tettnanger and Spalt and American Cascades. Hop aroma and flavor is emphasized, but remains in balance. The yeast used in fermentation is our proprietary Belgian strain, which gives the beer its signature spicy/fruity/funky notes. Three Rings is a deep gold in color, and it undergoes an extended warm conditioning period before further cold-conditioning. It has the aforementioned spicy, fruity, earthy character, and carries additional aromas and flavors of toasted malt, complex herbal notes, and a dominant fruity/spicy hop character. Its finish is fairly long and dry, with yeast notes and hops vying for space on your palate. This is an interesting, complex, and very drinkable beer, which lends itself quite well to a wide range of foods. From whence comes the name, you ask? Well, it could be that inspiration came from the CBC logo of three beer rings on a beer mat, or perhaps it just references the three ring circus that is life here in the CBC Brewhouse. Cheers! Teardrop 6 Pitcher 23 Tower 37[/wpex]

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