The Ghost of Ghent

Belgian Strong Blonde Ale With White Ghost Pumpkins Ghost of Ghent is our new Belgian style strong blonde ale, and the first recipe courtesy of Assistant Brewer Kevin Dwyer! This beer was brewed with Belgian pilsner malt, Valley Malt wheat, and 200 pounds of heirloom white ghost pumpkins from Wilson Farms in Lexington. With his first professionally-brewed beer Kevin pays homage to the haunting medieval architecture of the city of Ghent, and he deftly employs some seasonally-appropriate autumn squash as well. Multiple visits to Ghent while staying in Belgium exposed Kevin to many great beers and inspired him to pursue a career in craft brewing. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Ghost of Ghent’s fruity aroma is the product of a combination of fermentation esters from our house Belgian yeast strain and a beautiful sweet melon-like character from the white ghost pumpkins. With no spices to distract from this delicate complexity, we are left to enjoy its sweet malty base and balanced, dry finish. Enjoy! Tulip 6 Pitcher 23 Tower 37[/wpex]

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

Alcohol by Volume