Sgt. Pepper

Farmhouse Ale with Peppercorns First brewed in celebration of our 20th Anniversary, and #23 is coming up soon - May 12, 2012! It was April Fool’s Day, 1989, when Phil “Brewdaddy” Bannatyne first opened the doors to what would become one of the preeminent breweries in the country. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Sgt. Pepper has been brewed with Pilsner, CaraVienne, and Rye malts, plus Magnum and Spalter hops. But the driving force behind this beer is the contribution from whole Black, Green, White, and Pink peppercorns. Added to the brewkettle, these four fab peppercorns harmonize with spicy hops while the malted rye and our Belgian yeast hold down the backbeat. It’s far out with food and guaranteed to raise a smile. Sgt. Pepper was recently featured in the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club! Read their full review here. Enjoy the show! Tulip...$6 Pitcher...$21 Tower...$37 [/wpex]

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

Alcohol by Volume