Rood Boy

Antwerp-style Red Ale Rood is Flemish for the color red, so Rood Boy is fitting for this red ale inspired by the iconic brewery in Antwerp, Belgium, known as DeKoninck. In that town, the beer is so ingrained into the culture that one need only order a glass of beer called a bolleke and they will be served a DeKoninck. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Brewed with pale, Munich, and Cara-Munich malts, spicy European hops, and our own proprietary Belgian yeast strain, this beer shows elegance, balance, complexity, and drinkability all in one glass. Just don’t ask for a bolleke, no one will know what you’re talking about here in Cambridge. Cheers! Tulip 6.50 Pitcher 24 Tower 40[/wpex]

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

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