Ode to Echo

Barrel aged American Old Ale In Homeric legend and in the Sophist Philostratus’ work Heroicus, the great Greek warrior Achilles sings a song to Echo while in the company of Helen of Troy. From Ovid’s Metamorphosis, we learned that Echo was an Oread or nymph, and a consort of Jupiter (Zeus), who incurred the wrath of Juno (Hera) for protecting him. Juno stripped the once loquacious muse of her ability to speak, and made her only able to repeat the last few words spoken to her. [wpex more="Read More" less="Read Less"] Ode to Echo takes inspiration from this legend, as we offer this newest beer from our Barrel Cellar. This rich and dark strong ale aged for over one year in a mix of oak wine and rum barrels, which have previously held many other CBC beers. Through wild fermentation and contributions of vine and spirit, it echoes these beers and beverages which resided in the wood before. Extraordinary complexity develops as the beer opens up on the palate, with rich raisin-like caramel tones blending with charred oak, vanillin, rum and red wine flavors, hints of roast malt, and a bright and balanced acidity in its finish. As our Barrel Cellar has existed for over eighteen years, many of our barrels have considerable historical significance in the beers and microflora they have held. Ode to Echo pays homage to all of the beers which came before it, and expresses this history of flavor and sense of place on your palate. Snifter $6[/wpex]

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