Mellow Gold

24th Anniversary, Barrel Fermented American Wild Ale Happy CBC 24th Anniversary to Phil “Brewdaddy” Bannatyne! Released in honor of this momentous occasion, Mellow Gold rises from the CBC Barrel Cellar. An American wild ale, it is influenced by the young, unblended lambic beers of Belgium. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Pale and hazy gold in color, fermentation and aging took place in a quartet of oak barrels historically used in the production of our fruited sour beers Kriek du Cambridge and Rose de Cambridge. As these barrels were already inoculated with the microorganisms necessary for sour ale production, this beer cannot be said to have been fermented spontaneously, but no brewer’s yeast (S.cerevisiae) was added. In the space of one year’s time a soft acidity and complex yet subtle funk developed, and these four barrels were blended together in our new little 8-barrel tank now used exclusively for Barrel Cellar beers. This is a beer we wish we could enjoy daily, as abv is low to moderate, palate is very dry and drinkable, yet its flavors are intricate. Notes of spice, cereal grains, hints of cherry and obscure tropical fruit, vanilla and toast from the oak, and a wine-like (or more certainly a lambic-like) acidity and very mellow finish cover all of the bases in this beer. Mellow Gold references the 1994 breakout album by Beck, apropos as this now-classic major label debut has become known for its irreverence, wit, stylistic hybridization, and decidedly anti-commercial attitude. Cheers! Flute $6[/wpex]

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