Collier Stout

Irish Dry Stout The Oxford Dictionary defines Stout as brave, strong, and resolute, qualities which also defined MIT Police Officer Sean Allen Collier. This traditional Irish stout has been brewed at the request of the MIT Police Department and with the blessings of the Collier family. Collier Stout honors and celebrates the life of Sean Collier. Per the request of the Collier family, all profits from the sale of Collier Stout have been donated to The Jimmy Fund, a charity supported by Sean Collier since his youth. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Mention stout to a beer drinker, and he or she will probably think first of Guinness Stout, one of the most popular beers in the world. Although the exact date and location of the origin of stout is disputed, it is generally agreed to have emerged first in Ireland as a derivative of porter in the last quarter of the 18th century. Some of the best known stout brewers are Guinness in Dublin, and Murphy’s and Beamish in Cork, but stout is brewed the world over. A variety of styles of stout have emerged over the years, including dry stout, extra stout, oyster stout, milk stout, and imperial stout. Collier Stout is brewed in the manner of a true Irish dry stout - the mash is made up only of pale malt, flaked barley and oats, and roasted barley. It has a full, rich body dominated by the complex tones of the roasted grains, with a very dry finish. Please join us in raising a glass for Officer Sean Collier. Pint $5.50[/wpex]

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