Brett Sematary

“The barrier was not meant to be crossed. The ground beyond…is sour.” -Victor Pascow Brett Sematary comes to you from the CBC Dungeon. A single batch ale, brewed last year, was laid to rest on Halloween Night. A quintet of oak barrels held the beer fast, beneath the antediluvian beams of the cellar. The Wendigo, the evil spirit which inhabits this ancient vault, brought the beer back to the land of the living. But this time the beer was… different. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Its once crystal clear rustic orange hue had the faintest hazy mien. Its once-fruity aroma was just a little…funky. Its fresh palate now finished…sour. Earthy. Evil. Beware. Flute $6[/wpex]

Original Gravity

Final Gravity