Boilermaker Stout

Dry stout aged in bourbon barrels A collaboration with our friends at Legal Sea Foods, and a logical extension of their private label bourbon program. Having selected single barrels of bourbon which were then bottled for exclusive use at Legal Sea Foods restaurants, the empty barrels were shared with us here at CBC in order to produce this beer. [wpex more="Read more"] This Dry Stout was crafted from roasted barley and oats plus pale, chocolate, and amber malts from the Fawcett Maltings in Yorkshire, England. Gently hopped with English Fuggles hops, after fermentation it was laid to rest for four months in a dozen oak barrels which had previously held bourbon from Buffalo Trace distillery and others. The resulting beer offers an aroma of roasted cereals and hints of espresso with a touch of oak-derived vanillins. On the palate, Boilermaker Stout is very dry and quaffable with caramel and roasty notes balanced by flavors from the charred oak barrels, and a subtle hint of spirit lingering in its very smooth finish. We recommend pairing this stout with fresh or roasted oysters, pan-seared chicken, or a simple perfectly grilled steak. This beer is exclusively available on draft at select Legal Sea Foods and LTK restaurants in Greater Boston, and for a limited time at CBC. Many thanks to our friends at Legal Sea Foods for collaborating with us on this project! Teardrop 6.25 Pitcher 23.50 Tower 39 [/wpex]

Original Gravity

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