Berliner Kendall

Berlin-style Wheat Beer Berliner Kendall is an homage to Berliner Kindl,  an excellent example of a Berliner Weiss, a beer style which is typically only brewed in Berlin, Germany. It is a very light, refreshingly tart wheat beer that uses some unusual brewing techniques [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less]. First off: hopping. We don't put hops in the kettle or fermenter, as one would normally do for most styles of beer, but instead we've put whole flowers of aged Hallertauer and Goldings hops directly into the mash. This brings out very subtle grassy notes with an almost undetectable bitterness. We then get a little help from our probiotic friend, Lactobacillus!  By fermenting with lactobacillus and our strain of ale yeast, we get a very pleasant tartness with notes of tropical fruit. Finally, the beer continues to ferment until nearly bone dry, and has a higher than normal carbonation level, which is the reason that Napoleon and his troops hailed it as the  "champagne of the North." In more recent history, Berliners have come to drink the beer with a shot of sweet woodruff or raspberry syrup. This balances the acidity and adds a refreshing touch of fresh berry or herbal flavor. We have instead infused this beer with fresh cucumbers without any additional sugar to back-sweeten. This new expression of Berliner Kendall offers subtle fruity notes from the cukes in both aroma and flavor, without compromising the beer’s bright palate and tart finish. Prost! Pint...6 Pitcher...19 Tower...33 [/wpex]

Original Gravity

Final Gravity
1.006 pH 3.7

Alcohol by Volume