Summer Barleywine An arquebus was a primitive firearm which came into use in the 15th Century, and was a predecessor to the musket and rifle. A smoothbore with a flared muzzle, similar but more refined and accurate than its predecessor the Blunderbuss (ah, there’s the thematic association, Blunderbuss being our winter barleywine…) it was capable of piercing the strong, full-plate armor worn into battle. So, you must wonder, what is a “Summer Barleywine?” [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Well, in our continuing quest to change the way people think about enjoying beer and beer styles, we have created a barleymalt-based interpretation of a dessert wine, meant to be sipped on those sultry summer evenings on our patio. It is also brewed with local New England honey, plus Semillon wine grapes. Our 2016 release is full-bodied yet light and drinkable, and smooth in texture despite its heroic 12%abv. Arquebus’ deep golden mien contains complex notes of peach and apricot fruit, loads of wildflower honey, and sweet white wine grapes. Subtle oak character combines with a soft, tannin-hinted, wine-like finish. Malolactic fermentation in the barrel adds a hint of soft acidity to balance the sweetness of this beer’s finish. Aged in French oak Tokaji barrels, the residual flavors contributed by the wood offer a mellowness of character not provided by stainless steel fermentation, as controlled oxidation deepens its color, enhances its rich texture, and concentrates notes of fruit. On Tap CBC Pricing Petit $6.50[/wpex]

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