Here’s the Beef!

devon-at-Double-J100% Grass Fed, 100% Natural, 100% Massachusetts Raised Beef Burgers

Did you know that since the roll out of our Spring menu we’ve been serving 100% natural grass fed, all Massachusetts raised, never grain finished beef burgers? We’ve been serving naturally raised meats for quite some time now but we haven’t had the opportunity to make it as local as this.

Our hamburger purveyor, Andy Carbone is a Cambridge resident who first got involved in the farm business via a family member at Double J Farm in Brookfield, MA. Andy began selling the meat from the farm to local restaurants. Demand picked up and soon they had sold out of the farm’s entire herd.

Before long, Andy began working with other Massachusetts farms, each one raising its herd humanely and responsibly. Currently Andy works with 18 Massachusetts farms with Hanson Farm in Gilbertville being the largest. The cattle are fed a 100% grass diet and are never finished on grain (which cows stomachs cannot breakdown.) The idea is to create comfortable, happy cattle.

It takes time to raise cattle the natural way. For example, it takes Andy’s cows 24 – 28 months before being ready for slaughter, in contrast most grain fed animals can be ready in almost half that time.

When the cattle are ready for slaughter they are brought to Adams Farm in Athol, MA.  Adams Farm is the only USDA approved slaughterhouse in Massachusetts with a USDA inspector on site at all times.

Our burgers are made from one, maybe two, animals and delivered fresh to the restaurant from Andy twice a week.

Join the fight. Support your local farmer!


To learn more about other local farms we work with check out the SUSTAINABILITY + COMMUNITY page of our website.