The Food we serve

Our menu is seasonally driven much like the beers are.  Autumn is roast squash, game and tart fruits.  Winter is stubborn, hard and requires long braises for bone warmth and deep mahogany flavors.  Spring is a thaw, marshy and wet, damp grass green flavor.  Summer won’t last long yet we have so much to work with, we treat the ingredients lightly so as to let them shine.

We need to ensure freshness and quality so we work with those we trust, purveyors we know by name and talk to personally.  These are people who work hard on their craft, much as we do and love their ingredients and what they can do for others, much like we do.  When we work within our environment with purveyors we don’t just support our local economy, we eat as we are supposed to.  We evolve, eat and grow with our community.  We offer outsiders a glimpse into a New England brewery at a certain time and place in a season.  Our food is simple, cared for and unpretentious, enjoyed with a beer brewed “right over there.”