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We launched the CBC Beer Year at our 27th Anniversary in 2016.  The CBC Beer Year is a challenge to local craft beer enthusiasts to drink one of every CBC Beer Year qualifying brews* over the course of a year and to post a picture of it on Instagram using the hashtags #CBCBeerYear and #CBCBeerYear(yourIGhandle) (ex. #CBCBeerYear and #CBCBeerYearKeytarBear)

Complete the CBC Beer Year and you will earn:
1. Bragging rights!
2. A personalized CBC liter mug, for home or CBC use** and other CBC SWAG.
3. Entry into a drawing to brew a beer of your design with the CBC Brewstaff.***
4. Entry into a drawing to be featured in the next CBC mural.
Prize drawings will be held annually at CBC Anniversary Parties.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Below is the full list of qualifying CBC Beer Year Beers. This list will be updated regularly so be sure to check back. Each new beer that our brewer’s release will be added to the list.

**UPDATED 4/6/18**

House Beers

Tall Tale Pale Ale
Cambridge Amber
Charles River Porter


Remain in Light
Flower Child IPA
Working Class Hero

Specialty Beers

Boss Fight(4/6/18)
Kuchi Kopi (3/30/18)
Spock’s Brain (3/23/18)
I Am Nitrogen (3/16/18)
Death and the Maiden
Little Big Man
Fun Guy At The Party
Snowblind (2/16/18)
The Fog That Surrounds (2/9/18)
Casino Boogie (2/9/18)
Cerise Cassee (2/2/18)
What’s The Use? (2/1/18)
Costanza (1/30/18)
Blunderbuss (1/26/18)
Cinnamon Babka Stout (1/23/18)
The Fog That Surrounds (1/19/18)
Little Creatures (1/5/18)
Float Like a Butterfly *CBC Beer Year Winner Brew* (12/29/17)
Critical Sensei (12/29/17)
Chocolate Babka Stout (12/22/17)
Obscured By Clouds (12/8/17)
Tripel Threat (12/8/17)
Grisette (12/1/17)
Sugidama (11/17/17)
Equinoxe IPA (11/17/17)
Weizenbock (11/10/17)
Wake Up The Sun (11/10/17)
Old Butternuts (10/27/17)
Autoerotic Fermentation (10/27/17)
Fun Guy At The Party (10/20/17)
Double Finger Guns (10/13/17)
Gourdor (10/13/17)
Bitchin’ Bitter (10/6/17)
Satanomyces (9/29/17)
Tripelette (9/29/17)
The Hop Head’s Guide to the Galaxy (9/22/17)
The Great Pumpkin Ale (9/5/17)
Letter to Jimmy Page (9/1/17)
The Bagel Bock (9/1/17)
A Picture of Nectar (8/25/18)
Sansa (8/18/17)
OM (8/11/17)
All Helles Breaks Loose (8/4/17)
Cor Cordium (8/1/17)
The Cure (7/21/17)
Sharks Patrol These Waters (7/21/17)
Cambridge Common (714/17)
Wet Hot American Sour (7/7/17)
CBC Hefeweizen (7/7/17)
Easy Ryder (6/30/17)
Arquebus (6/30/17)
Weekapaug Gruit (6/23/17)
Tafelbier 6/23/17)
Time Away (6/16/17)
Honey Badger (6/16/17)
Old Toby (6/9/17)
No Pulp (6/9/17)
The Bagel Bock (6/2/17)
Letter to Jimmy Page (5/26/19)
Hendrix (5/19/17)
Classic New Guy (5/19/17)
Grisette (5/12/17) (official start to new CBC Beer Year)
Vive Bruxelles! (5/5/17)
Jedi Mind Trick (5/4/17)
Costanza (4/28/17)
Jack Straw (4/28/17)
Morning Dew (4/21/17)
The Vienna Secession (4/21/17)
Calypso (4/12/17) (last qualifying beer. Must be included to qualify for the first round of prizes in 2017)
Rood Boy (3/17/17)
Wake Up The Sun (3/10/17)
Kangaroos Are Hoppy, Too (3/10/17)
Indoor Recess (3/8/17)
Le Saisonniere (3/1/17)
Dunkel Jesse and the Rippers (2/17/17)
Plankenberg (2/17/17)
Punch You In The IPA (2/10/17)
The Brett Conspiracy (2/3/17)
Atom Heart Mother (1/20/17)
Koyt Pond (1/20/17)
Three Rings (1/13/17)
Beantowne (1/13/17)
zwIPL (1/6/15)
The Colonel (12/30/16)
Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale (12/30/16)
Blunderbuss Barleywine (12/30/16)
Safety Third (12/16/16)
Imaginary Day (12/9/16)
Righteous Staves (12/2/16)
Cerise Cassee (12/2/16)
Tafelbier (11/25/16)
Don’t Panic!(11/18/16)
Red God (11/18/16)
Soleil Couchant(11/4/16)
Boilermaker Stout (10/28/16)
Commissioner Gourdon (10/28/16)
Spice Up Your Life (10/21/16)
My Melon’s Got a Mind of Its Own (10/7/16)
Family Meal (10/7/16)
Brett Sematary (9/30/16)
The Eternal 59th Second (9/30/16)
The Headless Schwarzman (9/23/16)
Gourdor (9/16/16)
Polterweisse (9/9/16)
Olmsted’s Folly (9/2/16)
Great Pumpkin Ale (9/2/16)
My Mind’s Got a Mind of It’s Own (8/24/16)
Biere de Miel (8/12/16)
Arquebus (7/29/16)
Timmy 2000 (7/29/16)
Wake Up The Sun(7/22/16)
Le Saisonniere (7/22/16)
CBC Hefeweizen (7/15/16)
Bitchin’ Bitter (7/8/16)
Jack Straw (7/8/16)
Sansa (7/1/16)
Into the Mild (6/17/16)
Bullpen Hijinks (6/3/16)
The Cure (6/3/16)
Sgt. Pepper(6/3/16)
Berliner Kendall (5/27/16)
The LandLady (released 5/24/16) (first qualifying beer. Must be included to qualify for the first round of prizes in 2017)