Barrel-aged Imperial Stout THE CROWD GOES WILD! A smooth bass line of roasted notes establishes the deep end beneath arpeggios of complex chocolate malt, while power chords of caramelized grain open up to an extended malty jam. Black barley teases treacle character and wades into a velvety sea of oak-derived vanilla and toasted coconut tones. Sustained improvisation of fruitiness modulates to an intense finale, and encores with a rich, espresso-roasted reprise, a capella. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] This expression of YouEnjoyMyStout was brewed in January of 2015, enjoying a ten month hiatus while American oak barrels from the Buffalo Trace distillery, before being reunited in its current mellifluous state. It exhibits great complexity contributed by tannins, toasted oak, and oxidation which complement the myriad flavors of malt and alcohol. Rock on! 2009 Champion American Beer, Great British Beer Festival! Snifter $6[/wpex]

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