Toasted Lager Übergang is a German word which generally refers to a crossing, like a crosswalk or footbridge. But it also can mean a transition or transitional phase and it is this definition which we apply to our latest lager beer. [wpex more+"Read more" less="Read less"] Brewed with Munich, pilsner, and a touch of dark crystal malt, Übergang presides over the seasonal transition to Springtime’s warmer days and slightly chilly evenings. Cold-fermented with a yeast strain from Weihenstephaner in Germany, and matured (lagered) at near freezing temperatures for seven full weeks, this unfiltered beer presents with a clean lager beer character which combines with bright toasted malt flavor and aroma. German Tettnanger and Hallertauer Mittlefruh offer a touch of spicy, grassy hop character to this well-balanced, light amber-hued beer. Zum Wohl! Pilsner $6 Pitcher $19 Tower $33[/wpex]

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