The Landlady

English-style Pale Ale This hardworking beer is deceptively simple – brewed with English Fuggles and Styrian Aurora hops and Golden Promise pale malt, it was fermented with the yeast strain from the famous Yorkshire, UK, brewery Timothy Taylor. Named in referential honor of their delicious flagship beer the Landlord, and we get a Phish reference in to boot. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Clocking in at 4% abv, it offers full, chewy malt character with hints of nuttiness. Stone fruit esters are contributed by the yeast during fermentation, which complement and accentuate loads of fresh, grassy English hops. A dry palate and firm bitterness lead to an extremely well-balanced finish. Beneath its straightforward drinkability lies considerable complexity. Cheers! Teardrop 5.50 Pitcher 20 Tower 34 [/wpex]

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