The Headless Schwarzman

A Pumpkin Schwarzbier “The Headless Schwarzman, Attend the Tale! Foretold is a Lager Beyond the Pale...” With the witching season impending, a new brew comes from CBC to commemorate the head of a very famous and most ghastly brewer. Only the Best Dark Munich and Pilsner malts were married to 140 pounds of locally-grown organic sugar pumpkins and roasted malts to bring this black lager to life. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Subtle coffee and dark chocolate flavors accent a slight sweetness from the malts, finishing with a clean lager smoothness.An overall soft and balanced character runs throughout – never too bitter, too sweet, or too roasty. A beer to steel the nerves against this ghost of breweries past, raise a glass in toast to the turn of the seasons, the start of the fall festivities, and the brew of choice for this ghastly patron of dark beer. Pilsner 6 Pitcher 19 Tower 37[/wpex]

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