American Pale Ale with Fresh Ginger and Sweet Orange Peel Two row barley paired with just enough caramel malt to add fruity and malty sweetness makes up the grist of this classic American Pale Ale. Sansa is generously hopped with Australian Topaz and American Cascade late in the boil and whirlpool to emphasize citrus and fruit. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] But, like a George R. R. Martin tale, there's a twist! A healthy addition of sweet orange peel at the end of the boil strengthens the citrusy appeal, while loads of fresh ginger during maturation adds a piquant spicy kick. Extremely well balanced and a great match with food, this beer will be a welcome addition to your summer beer lineup. Cheers! Teardrop $6 Pitcher $23 Tower $37[/wpex]

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