Punch You In The IPA

Double Dryhopped American I.P.A. with Citra A new beer from the Northeast, where the oceans freeze With Citra double-dryhop like fresh O.J. squeezed. Unfiltered glow that sits below its foam-capped pour, And topped with hop aroma that you’ll all adore. How was I to know that day That all the kids were drinking juicy I.P.A? But they came from Cambridge, Somerville, and further East(ie) Saying gimme ‘nother glass of your new hoppy beast! Singing “Oh, Wilson, someday I’ll kill you ‘til you die. Oh, Wilson, punch you in the eye!” * ** Teardrop 7 Pitcher 25.50 Tower 43.50 *Apologies to Trey, Mike, Fish, and Page **Please refrain from punching our Wilsons. Thank you.

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

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