Bavarian-style unfiltered wheat beer w/ Butternut Squash, Ginger and Curry spice “THEY’RE HEEEEERE!” Squash beers. It’s that time of year where we at CBC pull out the cleavers and get to chopping and shredding many pounds of fresh, local pumpkins for our Great Pumpkin Ale. It’s also that time of year where each of our brewers, individually, are given the creative opportunity to create their own special brew featuring a gourd of their choice. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Polterweisse is a twist on CBC’s Hefe-weizen, toying with the German origin of both the word Poltergeist and the beer style. A nearly identical recipe, consisting of Wheat and Rye malted by our friends in Hadley, MA at Valley Malt, was brewed with 200 lbs of Butternut Squash and the addition of a mysterious blend of Curry spices and fresh Ginger. The squash adds a round nuttiness to the beer while the curry spices help to elevate the already natural spiciness of our Bavarian yeast strain, yet are subtle enough to make you wonder whether your palate is playing tricks on you. The slight heat from the fresh ginger will warm you as the hot Summer weather cools into Fall. We hope this beer is spooky enough to be added amongst the favorite one-off squash beers that are produced this time of year at your favorite Cambridge haunt. Pilsner 6 Pitcher 19 Tower 33[/wpex]

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