Old Butternuts

Bourbon Barrel-aged English Old Ale with Butternut Squash Brewed early this summer and allowed several months to age, this very special beer was created to welcome the cooler, but not yet cold, weather which transitions us from Summer to Fall in New England. Crafted from Maris Otter, ESB, and Amber malts, an additional two hundred pounds of seasonally appropriate butternut squash was shredded and added to our mash. Hopped lightly with Challenger and Fuggles hops, this strong ale was fermented and then laid to rest in our famous Barrel Cellar. Four American oak barrels from the celebrated Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace bourbon brands were put to use, and held this beer for three months, infusing the beer with oak and spirit character. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] It pours dark reddish-brown with a light tan-colored head. Its nose is malty-sweet with a complex blend of dried fruit, caramelly, nutty, and toffee aromas. Bold alcohol spirit and oak notes are very present. On the palate a luscious malt complexity, with caramel and dried fruit notes, is bolstered by very subtle hints of melon-like butternut squash character. Its body is full and slightly sweet but that rich maltiness is thoroughly tempered by fresh American bourbon character, which offers toasted coconut and vanilla flavors and very warming spirit. Welcome to leaf-peeping and apple picking season! Cheers! Snifter $5.75[/wpex]

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