Next Of ‘Kin

Yorkshire Strong Ale with Pumpkins and Pontefract Pretty Things stands as one of our favorite and most-admired local brewers. But despite our two-decade-long friendship with Dann Paquette, we’d never quite taken the opportunity to brew a formal collaboration. Pumpkin beer season sends shivers up Dann’s spine, and he’s been, shall we say, reticent about creating a Pretty Things Pumpkin Ale. We caught them in our little trap, though, by inviting them to brew a batch with us here at CBC. And Dann’s reluctance seemed strange when he almost immediately responded with several ideas for recipes and specialty ingredients. Maybe he’d been planning this all along… [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Knowing Pretty Things’ English roots, we agreed upon brewing a Yorkshire strong ale influenced by a mutually favorite beer, Old Peculiar. Dann and his wife and partner, Martha, also recommended adding pontefract cakes for additional interest. Pontefract is a traditional Yorkshire chewy candy, with a mild black licorice or anise flavor. To the proverbial brewpot we added English amber malt and Blue Jarrahdale pumpkins, plus the boiled-and-pureed pontefract, dark candi syrup, and East Kent Goldings hops. Fermentation was carried out by yeast from the famous Timothy Taylor brewery in Knowle Spring, West Yorkshire, which tied the whole bundle together. This chestnut-colored ale boasts a very toasty aroma which just hints at roast. On the palate, a full malty mouthfeel is complemented by stone fruit esters, a burst of fresh melon and squash in the middle, and a very subtle hint of anise in the finish. Rich, robust, and unsurprisingly quaffable, and perfect for enjoying while the leaves drop from the trees. We raise our glass to our friends and comrades-in-arms. Three cheers to Dann and Martha, and to the Pretty Things! Hip hip, hooray! Teardrop $6 Pitcher $22 Tower $37[/wpex]

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