Mahatma Blandhi

Just in time to help the snow melt is Cambridge Brewing Company’s Mahatma Blandhi Belgian Blonde style beer. Practice some nonviolent civil disobedience against the long winter by drinking a beer that is crisp on the palate, and the color of the spring sun, with a refreshing hop aroma. 2-Row barley and ESB malted barley give the beer a light, crisp malt body and straw color. A blend of Chinook, Styrian Aurora, Sorachi Ace, and Citra hops give the beer a complex aroma with notes of spice and citrus grounded by a light earthiness. Our House Strain of Belgian yeast adds spice notes, and the dry crisp finish. Tulip $6 Pitcher $22 Tower $37

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

Alcohol by Volume