Lush Life

Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale With Cherries And Raspberries The newest creation from the CBC barrel cellar is Lush Life, a Belgian style strong dark ale with raspberry and cherry puree added. It has been crafted from a base of Belgian Pilsner malt, with a complex blend of dark caramel and crystal malts plus a bit of Valley Malt wheat for good measure. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] This beer was first fermented with our house Belgian yeast strain and organic fruit purees were added after fermentation was well underway. In this way we enhanced the fruit aromas and flavors, while still allowing the beer to finish with a dry and drinkable palate. Lush Life was then sent down into red wine barrels from David Arthur Vineyards in Napa for 6 months of aging to develop deeper, richer character. Lush Life presents a bright fruit aroma with complementary esters and a brilliant ruby color. The spiciness from our proprietary yeast strain along with tannins from the oak provides counterpoint and depth. This dangerously drinkable ale is elegant and exceptionally well balanced, hiding its strength with complex flavors and aromas. Inspired by both Belgian tradition and new world innovation, Lush Life is a perfect beer for cool spring evenings on the CBC patio and named for the classic jazz standard written by Billy Strayhorn, and definitively recorded by John Coltrane in 1963 with Johnny Hartman. Tulip $6[/wpex]

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