Local Notion

Pale Ale with Massachusetts Malted Barley and Hops Once again we are blessed with the opportunity to brew a beer which features malt from our friends at Valley Malt, and for the first time, hops from Four Star Farms! [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] For the uninitiated, Valley Malt is a micro-maltings founded by Andrea and Christian Stanley in Hadley, MA. Their mission is to provide artisanal malted grains grown by local farmers. Their BSA program (Brewery Supported Agriculture) is the first of its kind and connects brewers directly with local farmers to grow specific varieties of grains (barley, wheat, rye), which after harvesting are custom malted by the Stanleys. We’re always excited to work with their malts, as they close the gap between locally brewed beer and beer that is truly local. In that vein we are psyched to have hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield! They plan on expanding from 3 acres to 10 acres of hops under cultivation in 2014. As brewers we believe that beer can express terroir in much the same way as wine, provided that truly local ingredients are available. Local Notion is an American pale ale with Cascade and Magnum whole cone hops. These provide a balanced aroma, flavor and bitterness to complement the barley malt, which offers notes of sweet honey and fresh cereal grains to the palate. We hope you enjoy! Teardrop $5.75[/wpex]

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