Kafka’s Hat

Simcoe IPA This latest American IPA was brewed with pale and Vienna malts, and flavored with one of our favorite varietals, Simcoe hops. We employed a new (to us) technique of dryhopping as well, which was originally created by our friends at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Utilizing a new variable-speed pump, we put to good use our old hop back, fondly known as R2D2. Post-fermentation we filled R2D2 with over a pound per barrel of whole Simcoe cones, sealed it up, and proceeded to recirculate the entire batch of beer through the bed of hops for several days. This process ensured that every drop of beer came into consistent contact with the dryhops, and allowed the hop character to fully express in the beer. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Deep golden in color, its intense nose of pine and florals carries into the palate, with just enough malty presence to balance the aggressive bitterness of this super-dry IPA. Why Kafka’s Hat? The title references not only a whimsical Richard Brautigan poem but also a darkly humorous novel by Patrice Martin in which a bureaucrat – aptly named “P.” (pun intended) – embarks on the illustrious task of collecting the titular headgear. Kafka’s hat becomes increasingly unreachable, and serves as a metaphor for the elusive and short-lived characteristics of fresh hop aroma and flavor which we all seek in our ideal I.P.A. For hop fans only, and you know who you are. Teardrop $6 Pitcher $22 Tower $37[/wpex]

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