Into the Mild

English-style Mild Ale A collaboration with our good friends at Mystic Brewery, this English-style Mild Ale was brewed with traditional British malts, hops and yeast. Using floor-malted Maris Otter as the base, Extra Dark Crystal, Amber and Brown malts were combined to pack this small beer with a malty punch! For a dark ale, this Mild is light-bodied and sessionable, showcasing moderate caramel and toast with hints of chocolate and stone fruit from the malted barley. A deft addition of Black Treacle was added to the kettle to accent the maltiness with hints of molasses and golden syrup. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Historically, mild ales were named for their low hopping rates, compared to pale ales and bitters. In keeping with this tradition, a gentle hop charge of floral and earthy UK Fuggle was added to the kettle. In the current hop-driven landscape of craft beer today, we hope this beer can offer some insight with regards to the array of complex malts a brewer can choose and what an often overlooked yet integral part of the overall drinking experience they can provide. Pint 5.50 Pitcher 18 Tower 30[/wpex]

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