Hay Is For Horses

“Nordic” Pale Ale with Fresh Hay, Oats and Herbs First brewed in 2013 when our friends Anders Kissmeyer (Kissmeyer Beer and Brewing Project, Copenhagen, Denmark)) and Yvan de Baets (Brasserie de la Senne, Brussels, Belgium) joined us to produce a historically-inspired Nordic pale ale using oats and gruit herbs. We were also inspired by our good friend, farmer Andy Carbone, to incorporate locally grown, first-cut sweet timothy and orchard grass hay. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Using a grain bill of pale and Munich malt as well as malted and flaked oats, the hay was added to the mash to lend a subtle fresh grassiness. Hops are kept to a minimum, adding balance to the herbs yarrow and heather, both of which had historical precedence in Nordic brewing traditions. Also employed in this brew was local honey, which adds its own subtle complexity to the mix. Our house English ale yeast strain was employed in fermentation, allowing the focus of the beer to be on its refreshing floral and herbal notes. You will also find an exceptional creaminess to the body of this beer. Despite finishing extremely dry, Hay Is For Horses exhibits a richness and smooth palate that makes this complex but delicate beer very quaffable. We hope you enjoy this year’s expression of a fun collaborative effort.  Cheers to inspiring brewers and friends. On Tap CBC Pricing Pint $6 Pitcher $19 Tower $33[/wpex]

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