Grey Ghost

Belgian double-white ale with Grey Ghost pumpkins Next up to bat in this year’s run of single-batch pumpkin beers is the Grey Ghost, a fan favorite from our 2012 pumpkin brewing season. Eponymously named and brewed with 300 pounds of a remarkable heirloom pumpkin called Grey Ghost, this medium-sized round gourd has a completely matte grey-white skin, but inside its flesh is bright orange with a distinct melon-like aroma and flavor. Freshly chopped and shredded, the pumpkin is added to a mash of Pilsner and wheat malt, raw wheat, and flaked oats. In the kettle the beer is flavored with orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise, and fermentation is carried out by our house Belgian yeast strain. As a “double” version of traditional witbier Grey Ghost is a bit stronger, with some residual sweetness carrying flavors of fresh cereal grains, a touch of fresh squash, and fruity spiciness from our yeast and the above mentioned spices. Tulip $5.75 Pitcher $21 Tower $36

Original Gravity

Final Gravity

Alcohol by Volume

Tulip $5.75     Pitcher $21     Tower $36