El Estruendo!

Session Sour Saison brewed in Collaboration with Naparbier of Pamplona, Spain Several weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting the brewers of Naparbier, from Pamplona, Spain, at CBC. Through multiple advance emails we agreed to collaborate on a unique brewing method and a recipe for a collaboration brew. Our mutual admiration for both sour beers and saisons sparked the inspiration to combine the two, and acidify this beer in a novel manner. On brewday we all mashed a grain bill which included rye, oats, wheat, and barley. Unhopped, the boiled wort was sent to a fermenter where it was ceremoniously inoculated with a full keg of fresh, rare, Belgian lambic. You may gasp at our cavalier attitude towards the risk of tank contamination, or you may gasp at the thought of the fate of that keg of lambic. Either way, the deed was done. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] After one week in fermenter the pH had dropped significantly and the wild flora from the lambic had done its job. The beer was then boiled again and hopped with German Tettnang, then fermented fully with our house Belgian yeast strain. The amazing result is a beer that straddles the line between spicy saison and young wild lambic. Acidification from Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, and fermentation from Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces, has created a refreshingly tart beer with all the most pleasant characteristics of a farmhouse brewery. Peppery hops combine with truly wild and funky notes of fresh hay and field grains, and the beer finishes with pineapple and passionfruit pucker. El Estruendo (The Roar) is the name given to one event during the annual San Fermín festival, most famous for the running of the bulls in Pamplona. On the day of El Estruendo, the people gather at 11:59 pm at the Town Hall and make as much noise as possible for several hours - mainly with drums but also bowls, whistles or any other object. The roar from our Spanish craft brewing friends can now be clearly heard in the U.S! Salud! Tulip $6 Pithcer $22 Tower $37[/wpex]

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