Chico Suave

Hoppy Pale Ale with Great Dance Moves This hoppy little beer boasts a very complex malt bill of Vienna, Aromatic, Wheat, and Dark Crystal malts, providing a balanced palate to the hop character. Featuring Aurora, Tettnanger, and Centennial in the kettle, it is dryhopped with both Citra and Nelson Sauvin. Bright and floral in the nose, it hints at citrus, grass, and pine along with tropical fruit and a touch of white wine grape. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less] The beer is fermented with our strain of Chico yeast, often called American Ale Yeast #1 and best known as the house yeast strain at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, California. This yeast strain is well known for its ability to ferment completely, leaving a clean, dry beer which greatly accentuates hop character. And yes, the name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the terrible song by Gerardo from 1991, Rico Suave. Gerardo Mejía was a Latin rapper and singer perhaps known more for his bandana, tight jeans, and shirtless torso than for his music. Don’t blame me, I wanted to name the beer after some old Phish song. Pint $6 Pitcher $19 Tower $33[/wpex]

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