Bullpen Hijinks

German Gosebier with Malted Sunflowers Gose (goze-uh) is a beer originating in northern Germany, in Goslar and Leipzig. Typically brewed with at least 50% malted wheat, it features a tart, citrusy acidity and is flavored with salt and coriander. CBC’s take on this classic style includes the use of sunflower seeds, which were germinated and roasted for us by our friends Andrea and Christian at Valley Malt in Hadley! [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] Saltiness in a beer may sound strange, but the salinity and tartness play well together in this very refreshing beer. Accompanied by subtle flavors of roasted sunflower seeds, this beer tastes like summertime and baseball to us! Teardrop 6 Pitcher 23 Tower 37[/wpex]

Original Gravity

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