Brett Amber

Barrel Aged Cambridge Amber with Brettanomyces 25 years. Wow! Now wait a minute, 'cause some of you might not have been listening. 25 YEARS! And that's not just 25 years of blessed existence of everyone's favorite brewpub, THE Cambridge Brewing Company, it's also 25 years of our flagship ale, Cambridge Amber. First created by Phil "Brewdaddy" Bannatyne in 1989, it's been making people happy pint by pint for a long time. To honor this auspicious anniversary your brew crew has decided to produce several permutations of this classic beer, for release throughout the year. So keep an eye out for imperial versions, barrel-aged expressions, cask-conditioned session versions, and more. First up (and perhaps our most limited release) is a mere 100 gallons of Amber, brewed last year and sent to the Barrel Cellar to referment and age in a single, vintage Oloroso sherry barrel. This barrel was previously inoculated with two different Brettanomyces strains, which consumed all the remaining residual sweetness in the beer. This left a beer with a deep, clear red hue, completely dry, with a very bright clean acidity balanced by rich earthiness and subtle funk. Caramel and roasted malts have mellowed with age but contribute extraordinary complexity, while the Brett has further brought out hints of cherry-like summer stone fruits. Hints of chocolate and nuttiness from the sherry add roundness to the finish. A significant departure from the Cambridge Amber we all know and love - the exact same water, malts, and hops, by the way - but the secondary re fermentation thanks to Brettanomyces in the sherry barrel has turned this expression of Cambridge Amber into a radically different and delicious expression of the brewers art. We hope you enjoy it Wine Stem $4

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