Bo-Steam-ian Lager

Unfiltered “Bohemian Common” Lager Beer Our latest lager takes a hybrid approach, combining the traditions of Czech pilsner with California Common (aka “steam beer”). Pilsner from Bohemia (now known as the Czech Republic) was the first golden lager in history, created in 1842. It was fermented and matured at colder temperatures than ales with full round malt flavors and a comparatively high hop rate, and it quickly inspired blonde hoppy lager beers throughout Germany, Bavaria, and the rest of the world! Anchor Brewing, founded during the California Gold Rush fifty years later, used lager yeast to brew their beer but a lack of refrigeration required warmer fermentations yielding a more fruity beer, which they called “Steam Beer.” [wpex more="Read more} less="Read less"] Our Bo-Steam-ian lager was brewed in the Czech pilsner style, then fermented at an elevated temperature to promote the fruitiness which accompanies its clean malt and hop profile. Full and round on the palate, emphasizing European pilsner malt and spicy/grassy Czech Saaz hops, plus a unique stone fruit character from the Andechs yeast strain. With yeast in suspension this beer presents with a medium-to-full body but very dry and thirst quenching finish. Well-balanced between maltiness and hops. Prost! Pilsner $6 Pitcher $19 Tower $33[/wpex]

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