Barnyard Bash!

Barrel-aged American Saison with Brettanomyces This “old school” saison embraces the funkier side of the CBC Barrel Cellar. Brewed with a complex grain bill of barley, spelt, and rye and fermented in stainless, this beer underwent secondary fermentation with several mixed strains of Brett for over one year. Despite the fact that Brett was never intentionally used in saison production, many of these “farmhouse” beers would show Brett character after aging for several months. These tenacious wild yeasts, the scourge of industrial age breweries, were once a commonly accepted aspect of almost all aged beers. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"] The ingress of oxygen during barrel-aging allows the Brett to reproduce and attenuate the beer until it is completely dry on the palate. Though strain-dependent, this can also contribute to the formation of earthy “barnyard-like” characteristics similar to the aroma of wool horse blankets, a trait of Brettanomyces lambicus and others. While swimming in the deep end of the funky pool, this beer also boasts some ripe, fresh tropical fruit and floral aromatics, solid body, and a dry finish which plays between bitter hops and oak tannins. We hope you enjoy! Flute $6[/wpex]

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