Baku-cha 麦茶

Collaboration Ale with Japanese black sugar and green tea Baird Beer is one of the oldest and most well-respected craft breweries in Japan. Founders Bryan and Sayuri opened in 2000 at the Namazu Fishmarket, and were brewing by 2001. They have grown to operate five taprooms plus a stunning new production brewery in Shizuoka, Yokohama, and Tokyo. We became friends with American-born brewer Bryan Baird over the years, a friendship further solidified by a trip to Japan. The opportunity to spend a great night bar-hopping with Bryan and Sayuri, from the Baird Brewing Taproom in Harajuku to several Tokyo craft beer taprooms, was one to remember. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less] As is typical of brewer to brewer interactions, talk of a collaboration took place and we invited Bryan to join us at CBC on his next U.S. visit. We desired to incorporate Japanese ingredients to refer not only to “nichibei” (日米 – Japan-U.S. relations) but also to speak to a sense of place. Kokutou is a Japanese brown sugar, lightly refined from sugar cane. It adds a subtle burnt sugar depth to the rich caramel notes of this strong amber ale. Hoji-cha, a roasted green tea, and Ryoku-cha, a special green tea, come from Shizuoka, the home of Baird Beer and one of Japan’s primary tea-growing regions. Added to the kettle and again to post-fermentation conditioning, the teas offer fruitiness, toasted notes, and herbal character creating a complex, delicious, and unique beer. We are honored to have Baird Beer join us in collaboration, and we are more than pleased with the resulting beer. A strong ESB-inspired base beer incorporates and harmonizes malt with sugar and tea and hops for a brand new flavor profile in the CBC portfolio. We hope you enjoy it. Kanpai! On Tap CBC Pricing Teardrop $5.75 Pitcher $21 Tower $36[/wpex]

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