Announcing Nationwide Distribution of “I AM HYDROGEN”


April 1, 2014 – Cambridge, MA – Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) today announces the national release of their latest and most innovative beer, “I AM HYDROGEN”. This easy-drinking dry stout gets its “carbonation” from an injection of pure hydrogen gas before being bottled for sale across the U.S. While normally considered a dangerous element due to its combustible nature, the brewers at CBC have taken great precautions in designing this groundbreaking beer. “We’ve spent an enormous amount of money encasing several of our tanks in concrete with rebar reinforcements,” notes proud CBC founder Phil “Brewdaddy” Bannatyne. “There’s no way these babies will blow.”

Inspiration for this beer came from Brewmaster Will Meyers, who spent most of the 1990’s touring with the Vermont rock band Phish – and often served CBC beer to the band and crew backstage. “When Phish plays I Am Hydrogen in concert – man, it’s a beautiful thing,” says Meyers of the song typically played between Mike’s Song and Weekapaug Groove. “Years ago we brewed this beer and ‘carbed’ it with nitrogen, typical of Irish stouts like Guinness. But ‘I Am Nitrogen’ just didn’t sound right. So we got to work!” Despite initial skepticism and serious safety concerns Jay Sullivan, CBC Head Brewer, figured out the pressure requirements for dissolving hydrogen in beer without exploding. “I never really liked Phish, for the record,” he stated.

Special training is involved in pouring of this smooth and roasty beer, coaxing its dense creamy head to form, and then lighting it on fire. “The warm glow on every customers face from that bright yellow flame creates a great atmosphere at the bar,” notes General manager Laura Peters. “After all, everyone looks better by firelight, right?” Peters also expressed surprise at how willing every CBC customer is to sign a waiver, excusing CBC of any damages caused by explosions or fire. She did note additionally that the staff is outfitted with flame-retardant gloves and aprons. Chef David Drew, to celebrate this momentous achievement, has created a special menu of flaming dishes, from a Pu Pu platter appetizer, to Steak Diane prepared tableside and of course, Baked Alaska or Bananas Foster for dessert.

I Am Hydrogen is now available throughout the US in 22 ounce bottles packed in reinforced, cast iron cases. Ask your local distributor for availability and legally-binding waivers.

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