About Us

Nationally acclaimed and locally cherished, the Cambridge Brewing Company has been at the forefront of the Pub Brewery movement since our inception in 1989. Our focuses on high quality craft beers and seasonally inspired New England fare have led to numerous accolades and a devoted clientele. Our desire to exceed guest expectations informs and motivates us daily.

Our team of brewers crafts a wide array of traditional, new American and experimental beers styles. We were the first commercial brewery in America to produce a Belgian beer. Our barrel cellar was one of the first of its kind, creating wood aged beers and utilizing micro flora to enhance flavors. Ever had a sake-beer hybrid? You can try one here! Our passion for experimentation combined with our respect for classic world styles translates into an ever changing wide array of beers offered on any given day here at the restaurant.

Our kitchen crew understands what it means to cook in New England. Our menu is seasonally driven much like the beers are. Autumn is roast squash, game and tart fruits. Winter is stubborn, hard and requires long braises for bone warmth and deep mahogany flavors. Summer won’t last long yet we have so much to work with, we treat the ingredients lightly so as to let them shine. We source from as many local producers as we can, assuring the freshness of our ingredients and supporting those businesses that are committed to the stewardship of their land and long lasting productivity of our seas.

All of this is created and produced in ways that are as earth friendly and sustainable as possible. We strive for zero waste so we recycle and compost everything possible. Our spent grain from the brewing process is used as animal feed by local farmers. All of our lighting is LED, our cleaning supplies are non-toxic, we conserve and re-use water from the brewing process and we encourage our staff to bike to work!

The CBC is located in a refurbished mill building, featuring high ceilings, exposed brick, skylights and a fantastic patio in the warmer months. Our servers are friendly, knowledgeable and strive to guide you through your food and beer options. What began in 1989 as a desire to offer a respite from our hectic lifestyles endures today, more driven than ever!

Phil Bannatyne, Owner

Originally from southern Connecticut, Phil “Brewdaddy” Bannatyne spent his “formative years” in San Francisco. There he acquired an interest in brewing and took classes in Brewing Science at the University of California, Davis. Phil then set off specifically to Cambridge to open a brew-pub. In addition to the bold and innovative beers, Phil is particularly jazzed these days by the culinary and environmentally friendly direction the restaurant has taken in the last few years. Beyond food and beer is family (wife, two kids) and tennis!

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Laura Peters, General Manager

Laura has years of experience in the service industry working both on Cape Cod and Boston before finding herself at Cambridge Brewing Co. in early 2007. Laura quickly worked the ranks as server, bartender and assistant manager before settling into her current position of General Manager. Her attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction paired with her ever-friendly demeanor make her an excellent front of house manager and favorite among customers and staff alike. Her love of craft beer is noticeable both on and off the clock. In her free time Laura can be found getting crafty or playing with her son at home.

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Alex Corona, Head Brewer

Anthony is originally from Worcester, MA.  He’s always enjoyed making things and always enjoyed eating and drinking things.  He worked construction and cooked professionally to try and indulge these two impulses.  After attending culinary school, he moved to Colorado with the intent to get into the brewing industry.  After five years of brewing in Boulder he realized there was no ocean in Colorado (!) and moved back to Massachusetts. Wanting to work at his favorite brewpub (CBC) he was lucky a job opened up after moving.  Now, he gets to explore the many combinations of water, malt, yeast and hops and spend the rest of his time at the ocean north of Cambridge with his wife and two dogs.

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